Mini Big Shots

Communication & Amplification in one small package. Push Button mode selection with audio confirmation.

Big Shots Covert Electronic Hearing Protection

Covert Big ShotsTM offer superior noise reduction with a very fast compression time that ensures you hear speech better without any concern of gunfire or the loudness of equipment around you.

Sized extra small, these Mini Big ShotsTM allow you total comfort while enjoying your favorite outdoor activities with complete safety of your hearing. Stay longer, play longer and enjoy those extreme noise sports without any ear fatigue or ringing of the ears.

The dual function push button sets your volume level then works as a toggle switch between the microphone and “Mute”. The toggle keeps you protected at the touch of the button, in any environment. Covert Big ShotsTM come with 3 sizes of tips for each ear, giving you the best possible fit to your ear.

Advanced technology makes the functionality of these Covert Big ShotsTM second to none. Features such as Low Battery Warning, WhistleBlocker, WindBlocker and Power Off Memory Retention each working to give you the most comfortable fitting you can achieve while using these instruments. They enhance speech comprehension in noise with layered noise reduction, reducing a greater amount of noise the louder it becomes. And finally, Hydroguard protects your investment from all those things that lend themselves to corrosion and failure of the instruments. Don’t judge these Minis based on their size.