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What We Do

Persona Medical manufactures a number of different Hearing Health Products designed to enrich your personal listening needs for the numerous, original soundscapes you find yourself throughout each day.

Instruments that are making a difference in the lives of those who are hearing impaired, instruments that are protecting individuals from suffering permanent hearing damage and instruments that are enhancing each persons’ hearing, with a richer enjoyment of life, sharing with those around them.

At Persona Medical, we put a premium on the important things in life. The human voice is one of the most complex sounds. The ability to hear and understand speech, is the essence of digital technology. Restoring the lost sounds, is achieved through digital instruments and software applications developed by Persona Medical. You see, we are everything about hearing help.

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Hearing Aids

Why haven’t you tried Persona Medical?

Persona Medical offers several families of digital hearing instruments. A complete line of custom In The Ear models to today’s Receiver In the Canal styled instruments. Over five decades have passed since Persona Medical introduced its first hearing instrument. There have been many refinements and component changes through the years, but the heart of the company remains the same.

Celebrating many successes, Persona Medical has an Adaptive Feedback Cancellation system so advanced, it can be used in music. Dynamic Speech Enhancement Compression that brings such listening comfort to speech in noise, we have expanded it into all of our instruments. Persona Medical offers the latest RIC instruments designed to communicate the most accurate information to you, providing much greater sound reproduction and clarity than ever before. Persona Medical showcases the highest quality instruments equal or superior to any other company. Our small company appeal and unmatched personal customer service entice you to come see for yourself, what is taking place.

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Hearing Protection

Noise Induced Hearing Loss can and should be prevented.

The ability to hear and understand can be slowly eroded over many years of neglect to your hearing, that you may not even realize it is gone. Damage to the inner ear, aging and exposure to loud levels of noise may cause deterioration to the hairs and/ or nerve cells inside the cochlea that send sound signals to the brain. This damage is irreversible!

Any environment that exposes you to noise levels that will damage your hearing, can be entered into with one of the many Hearing Protection Products manufactured by Persona Medical.

Earasers to help musicians and their fans, BigShots to protect shooters, Racing protection from the engine noise around the track and Industrial Noise protection for the job site. We have products to help the Dental Professionals that take care of our smiles and are exposed each day to a loud working environment. Also, landscape workers that make sure you have the best yard in the neighborhood, or you are a DIY person, there is protection when working in the yard. Even someone you know with Autism may benefit from wearing our hearing protection. They should consult with a Physician before use.

Persona Medical can provide you with a solution to any challenge that will compromise your Hearing Health. Don’t risk losing a bet you can’t double down to get back.

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InEarz Audio

A perfect collage of art and acoustics

From our Scientists to our resident musicians, InEarz has the crew to perform. We help you find what you are looking for and we know how to deliver the performance of a lifetime.

Think of your ears as a blank canvas to be painted with sound. You like things to sound a certain way. Your InEarz should be a perfect conduit for that artistry. InEarz sculpts a perfect collage of art and acoustics, a custom sound-scape of precision design, rooted in perfect science. We guarantee you will feel the same way we do. That’s a game changer.

Custom In Ear Monitors by InEarz Audio

ZEN Universal Fit Monitors by InEarz Audio

“They have an amazing operation, the front office staff is so wonderful to work with. As a working drummer, I was able to get exactly what I wanted with no hassles. The owner himself even fitted me for my in ear monitors. such an amazing company and group of people. I personally will not use any other in ear monitor company again  InEarz is the company to go to for personal interaction with the staff and they will take care of your in ear monitor needs. 5 stars for sure if not more!”

Brian M.

“InEarz worked with me to get the sound I wanted – not just an off the shelf variety ear monitor. I don’t know, I guess I don’t hear like everyone else, I just need to hear it clear without being harsh or boomy.”


Read what others think about our IEMs.

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From our Family to Yours

Over five decades of experience, and one million hearing aids delivered, has helped us to remain on the cutting edge with advanced innovations yet to be developed by any other company. From SpeechPro, the World’s first automated real ear fitting system, to VCOM the world’s first voice recognition programming. You can rest assured that your order will receive special attention.

We offer hearing protection products, such as the highly acclaimed Earasers, and hearing protection products for swimmers, hunters, industrial use and dentists and probably a hundred professions in between. Our latest line up of in-ear monitors can be found through, a professional musicians and sports enthusiasts website. You see, we are everything about hearing help.

While this certainly doesn’t tell the complete story, it hopefully gives you a small amount of insight into what Persona Medical has to offer you. Of course, if you have any questions, please call us. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information, allowing you to experience our Award Winning Customer Service first hand. By choosing Persona Medical, you will benefit from the exceptional service, personal touch, convenience and support that we offer.

As Persona Medical moves forward the next 50 years, we continue to evolve our products, meeting the needs of the constantly changing future. Offering a greater diversity of hearing health services, Persona Medical strives to remain out front in product development with diverse and innovative instruments for todays active life styles.  And just maybe, you will be our 2nd Millionth customer!

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