When you are looking for a Family of Products that are well made by a group of professionals who are intent on providing excellent service for each and every product manufactured, look to Persona Medical, a Made In America company, since 1967!

Olé instruments are some of the finest ever developed. Amazing sound quality, noise reduction and virtual invisibility make Olé a leading candidate to provide the most accurate response. The Olé Family offers numerous styles, from custom fit to behind-the-ear instruments to the unique Olé ICO in-canal-open fit instrument with AirTouchTM Multi-Memory. There’s no tiny button to try and feel to change memories. Combine the comfort of an open ear style without any occlusion and the invisibility of a deep fitting canal instrument.

Olé is best known for its clarity in noise and high frequency gain without feedback, making Olé exactly what you desire from a hearing instrument. The Olé series may also be programmed with SpeechPro, the world’s first fully automated real ear fitting system …. “simply talk and it programs!” Can’t hear your loved one? Use their voice to program your Olé.

EVõK the possibilities! As a premium line, EVõK takes into account all unique hearing needs. Automatic features and multiple listening programs allow listeners to enjoy family & friends, telephone, television, and even the varied social environments of today. With multiple features like data logging, a premier feedback canceller and an amazing noise reduction algorithm, EVõK lets people savor life and be apart of the fun.

EVõK employs a wide assortment of advanced signal processing strategies and automatic/adaptive features optimizing the listening experience. Then, as if creating the most advanced hearing instrument wasn’t enough, we took it up a notch! Persona Medical has developed a higher standard of fitting protocol called SpeechPro which is incorporated into VoicePro, the Persona Medical Fitting Module used to tune each persons instruments to their particular hearing loss. For the first time, fit and verification can occur together by using the computing power of this instrument and allow verification of the results in the shortest amount of time. You will not spend time making multiple trips to your provider for adjustments.

Life is all about change and how we adapt to it. Keeping pace with modern living means the need for a flexible hearing system that can accommodate those changes. Whether the need is for a discrete over the ear model, a powerful behind the ear or a custom mini canal, EVõK has what you need to get through the toughest day.

Great composers grace our souls with the artistry of music. Master painters create grand vistas that stir the feeling of inspiration and awe within us. These individuals deliver more than meets the eye or the ear — they bring a composition to life.

Art imitating life is how best to describe the Monet’s clarity and power. All of the necessary options and a few of our very own milestones are smoothly blended into one work of art. The Monet Series use of Layered Noise Reduction offers power with perks for those that demand the ultimate level of hearing versatility. Combined with cutting edge Feedback Cancellation and Dynamic Speech Enhancement, the Monet Series has the sophisticated features and amplification needed for today’s discerning hearing patient. The ultimate hearing experience can be achieved with options like Directional Microphones, Additional Power Options, or a Telephone Coil.

Discretion a must?  Choose Monet Open fit with thin, clear tubing. Adaptability needed? Try a Monet Mini-BTE with interchangeable ear hook or tubing. Need more Power? The Monet Receiver in the Canal or one of the Behind The Ear instruments.

Non-Programmable instruments with high end features. The Claret incorporates digital technology found in high-end programmable instruments without the need to use a computer for tuning them to your hearing requirements.

Today, the choice of adjusting the volume on hearing instruments is being taken away from the one who wears them. Persona Medical continues to champion the cause for the individual asking to be able to turn up or turn down the volume of their hearing instrument based on what they are hearing.

If you are that person wanting control over your hearing, look to the Claret Non Programmable line of instruments being offered. We offer all styles and many color options for your personal tastes. No matter what kind of hearing loss, there is a Claret instrument you can wear.