Sombra Series

Persona Medical presents Sombra!

A complete family of instruments designed with your busy life in mind. Now wear Sombra all day, every day, everywhere, so you are always in tune with what is happening in your constantly changing world.

Available in all styles, this new and amazing instrument is poised to perform in all lifestyle moments. Your professional life can handle the noisy surroundings of a busy office with Null Tracking Adaptive Directional Microphones and the Auto Switching Telephone pick-up that can be tailored to you with VoicePro fitting software. The All in One Speech Enhancement makes sure you will be a part of the family dinner conversation , no matter how big the table. Finally, your weekends will not be slowed because of your instruments. Each Sombra has a moisture barrier to protect it from the physical things you participate in during your hard earned, personal time.