Receiver in the Canal

OPA 400

Conversation is an ever-changing signal level with a broad range of frequencies and dynamics. Looking for an instrument that can keep up? Dynamic Speech Enhancement uses a system of compression to enable you to hear a soft and loud voice during the same conversation. Sudden changes to signal levels are automatically adjusted for by the micro-processor – no need to constantly adjust a volume control. The success of this automatic feature means all styles of OPA are available without manual volume control. We want you to be in the middle of the conversation, never over or under-amplified.

The Dynamic Speech Enhancement found in the OPA hearing instruments is fully automated, connected to adaptive directionality microphones that can seek out the loudest sound source and reduce the level that is behind or to the side of the person without affecting the sound in front. DSE also monitors the acoustic environment and applies the correct amount of focused directionality of the microphones to receive the highest quality speech in the most difficult settings.

Binaural Synchronization is a feature available on the OPA 400 that allows 2 instruments to communicate with each other. This gives rise to improved user control that is simplified. Telephone use is dramatically improved with the phone call being in both ears. Stream Stereo audio signals from music players, TV or cell phone with the 400. So much more from Persona Medical today. Take a look around to discover what is missing in your life.