From our Family to Yours

Over five decades of experience, and one million hearing aids delivered, has helped us to remain on the cutting edge with advanced innovations yet to be developed by any other company. From SpeechPro, the World’s first automated real ear fitting system, to VCOM the world’s first voice recognition programming. You can rest assured that your order will receive special attention.

We offer hearing protection products, such as the highly acclaimed Earasers, and hearing protection products for swimmers, hunters, industrial use and dentists and probably a hundred professions in between. Our latest line up of in-ear monitors can be found through Inearz.com, a professional musicians and sports enthusiasts website. You see, we are everything about hearing help.

While this certainly doesn’t tell the complete story, it hopefully gives you a small amount of insight into what Persona Medical has to offer you. Of course, if you have any questions, please call us. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information, allowing you to experience our Award Winning Customer Service first hand. By choosing Persona Medical, you will benefit from the exceptional service, personal touch, convenience and support that we offer.

As Persona Medical moves forward the next 50 years, we continue to evolve our products, meeting the needs of the constantly changing future. Offering a greater diversity of hearing health services, Persona Medical strives to remain out front in product development with diverse and innovative instruments for todays active life styles.  And just maybe, you will be our 2nd Millionth customer!

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