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Safety Earasers
Industrial Earasers

Hearing fatigue causes attention deficit and lost productivity. The primary reason workers reject hearing protection is due to comfort. When it comes to comfort, Earasers are superior to even custom molded earplugs due to the flexible design and soft silicone. Custom earplugs are not flexible enough to move with jaw motion which comes from talking or turning the head from side to side. The deep fitting design of this in-ear system keeps the ear more “open” to the air and wearable over long periods of time. Earasers won’t cause the ear to sweat, tickle or itch while being worn.

By reducing noise exposure, you are not only protecting the health of the employee, but maintaining a safer workplace as required by OSHA. Maintaining good hearing has benefits when hearing is used to detect faulty equipment or for better communication. The ability to quickly convey information can help protect people from dangerous situations or rectify a safety or productivity issue before it gets out of control.