Hearing Aids

Why haven’t you tried Persona Medical?

Persona Medical offers several families of digital hearing instruments. A complete line of custom In The Ear models to today’s Receiver In the Canal styled instruments. Over five decades have passed since Persona Medical introduced its first hearing instrument. There have been many refinements and component changes through the years, but the heart of the company remains the same.

Celebrating many successes, Persona Medical has an Adaptive Feedback Cancellation system so advanced, it can be used in music. Dynamic Speech Enhancement Compression that brings such listening comfort to speech in noise, we have expanded it into all of our instruments. Persona Medical offers the latest RIC instruments designed to communicate the most accurate information to you, providing much greater sound reproduction and clarity than ever before. Persona Medical showcases the highest quality instruments equal or superior to any other company. Our small company appeal and unmatched personal customer service entice you to come see for yourself, what is taking place.