Shooting Protection

Feel Safe and Confident

Sound quality, noise reduction and comfort make choosing the best hearing protection, a welcome replacement for those heavy and uncomfortable earmuffs! Concentration and balance are required to make a perfect shot. Custom shooting protection from Persona Medical will allow you to remove your head-gear, keeping sweat from running down your face at the wrong time. Having to hold up less weight with the removal of earmuffs, reduces the strain on your neck muscles and helps your ears, at the core of your balance center from becoming strained.

That’s why everyone within the sound of guns being fired should be wearing some form of ear protection. So, if you’ve signed up to compete in a match this weekend, then get the best ear protection you can afford. Don’t just wear whatever will be convenient to you. Every participant and spectator should have the correct kind of protection to counter their individual exposure to the danger of ear trauma caused by gun shots. Anyone on or around the range should be wearing the best ear protection they have available. You may be shooting a gun at the Nationals Match, a great honor among shooters, or you may be shooting tin cans off the fence. It does not matter! Each time the gun fires, the impact causes damage to the ear and each one damages your ability to hear to one degree or another, that will never return to normal.

It may not mean anything to you today, but when you’re 45-years-old, being fitted for your first hearing aid, bet you will be kicking yourself for not listening to sound advice. SAY AGAIN!