Enthusiasts are exposed to loud engines, crowd noise, and of course wind noise. Earasers help make you a better and safer rider  by reducing rider fatigue; arrive fresher than ever before.

*** Most states allow earplugs while riding a motorcycle, if they are designed such that, they will not impede a drivers ability to hear safety information. Please check with your state on the laws in those areas you travel. ***

Earasers are safer than standard foam earplugs. Due to their clarity of sound and extended bandwith, you will not miss important safety/ emergency information. When earplugs like foam are used, there is a great imbalance in the frequency spectrum, causing some sounds to become unrecognizable. Earasers are the only flat frequency response earplug in the motor-sports / racing market. A flat frequency response is well known throughout the sound and music industry. It means higher yield quality and improved fidelity.

Stay safe; Wind noise is a constant bombardment to your brain – something your brain can’t ignore! It’s the fight or flight response. This is a stressor to your brain and can cause you to lose focus after just a short while of constant exposure. Even after hours of wearing Earasers, your ears will feel refreshed instead of that annoying ringing! Hey, the ringing is not good – it’s a warning sign from your ears that you might be doing permanent damage. Many famous racers are now realizing that wind noise is distracting and a stress that should be reduced as much as possible while maintaining focus for long periods of time.