Persona Medical is a modern manufacturer providing all possible styles of hearing instruments. Below, are the different styles of behind the ear instruments we have available.


Sombra 8P

The longer shape of BTEs can hold more features and power than other designs. Larger battery sizes increase operation time and help with dexterity concerns. The color and style can be made to match the wearer’s hair or skin tones. A Power BTE with custom crafted earmolds can be used to treat mild to profound hearing losses. The range of sizes offer different levels of visibility, as well as different power levels and features, controls, and amounts of battery life.

Behind The Ear hearing aids tuck behind the outer ear, with slim, nearly invisible tubing that directs sound into the ear. A semi custom ear tip or custom earmold is used to secure the tubing in the ear canal. Custom Earmolds are available in different material choices and range of colors matched to each individual.

Mini BTE with Thin Tube or Ear Hook

Sombra 8S

Mini BTEs hide behind the outer ear, with ultra-thin tubing directing sound into the ear canal. The tubing is held in place with a soft tip inside the ear canal without blocking normal hearing, for an open feeling as sound enters the ear naturally, together with amplified sound.. A ear hook and earmold can also be fitted to this style instrument making the mini’s a more versatile option for mild to moderate high frequency loss.

Receiver in the Canal

Sombra 8R

Receiver In the Canal instruments are similar to mini BTEs with the speaker encapsulated into the ear tip, connected to the aid by a shaped wire that plugs into the body allowing easy changeability. This separation of the speaker from the body helps to reduce the overall size and places the speaker in the ear canal which allows for improved fidelity. RIC instruments can be used to treat moderate to severe high frequency hearing loss without the annoying whistle often associated with other styles.