Hearing Protection

Noise Induced Hearing Loss can and should be prevented.

The ability to hear and understand can be slowly eroded over many years of neglect to your hearing, that you may not even realize it is gone. Damage to the inner ear, aging and exposure to loud levels of noise may cause deterioration to the hairs and/ or nerve cells inside the cochlea that send sound signals to the brain. This damage is irreversible!

Any environment that exposes you to noise levels that will damage your hearing, can be entered into with one of the many Hearing Protection Products manufactured by Persona Medical.

Earasers to help musicians and their fans, BigShots to protect shooters, Racing protection from the engine noise around the track and Industrial Noise protection for the job site. We have products to help the Dental Professionals that take care of our smiles and are exposed each day to a loud working environment. Also, landscape workers that make sure you have the best yard in the neighborhood, or you are a DIY person, there is protection when working in the yard. Even someone you know with Autism may benefit from wearing our hearing protection. They should consult with a Physician before use.

Persona Medical can provide you with a solution to any challenge that will compromise your Hearing Health. Don’t risk losing a bet you can’t double down to get back.