Earmolds & Accessories

Swim Plugs

Our earmold fabrication yields an extremely high initial fit rate. Buy once and never go anywhere else. Lose one and we can replicate the earmold without the need of having to get another impression. Just call us!

Persona Medical maintains two full and complete earmold labs on site. Utilizing a 3 step process of Digitizing, Designing and Fabrication, we offer a digital process ensuring a perfect fit of all custom molds. The chances of having to remake earmolds, for less than the highest quality fitting possible, are practically none. Persona Medical boasts of having one of the lowest remake percentages in the industry.

Persona Medical offers all sizes and shapes of custom earmolds for BTE, OTE and RIC fittings in various materials. We store each scan so you will not need to have another impression taken should the earmolds become broken or lost or just need replacing.

We manufacture noise plugs for industrial use, unsinkable swim plugs in a variety of colors and shooter plugs for competition and sport shooting. All of our professional audio monitors can be found here Inearz.